Program Allory
Gender Genderless
Alias All
Occupation Doctor's assistant
Age 6 years
Relatives The Doctor (creator)
Allory (also known as Program Allory) is a gynoid built by Doctor.




Allory was originally built to be the Doctor's assistant, so she was helpful, obdient, but a little clumsy. After being infected, the Virus is in an constant attempt of fusing with her conscience, causing a conflict between her real self and the Virus. As a result, two voices can be heard: a male (representing the Virus) and a female voice (representing Allory). She is constantly seeking for energy to absorb and attempts to kill many people on the way, showing no remorse for her actions and always staying stoic.


Allory possesses superhuman conditions but doesn't possesses any special ability. After being infected by the Virus, her armor was enhanced and she got the ability of producing shields, blades or anything that comes up on her mind. These weaponry are made out of an acid composition, which allows her to slash through things with ease. She also has the ability of extending cables from her body, which can connect to electronic devices and absorb their energy to keep her alive. She also has the ability of copying the abilities of the Guardians by connecting her cables onto their gadget and can also combine all of their powers at once.

However, Allory constantly needs to absorve the energy of electronic devices to prevent her from deactivating. The more she absorbs, the more she needs.


The DoctorEdit