The Alpha is secret society of supervillains led by Dollmaker. The legion is made up of aliens, mutant creatures and humans who have been infected with Viruses and turned into agents of their organization. Once they freed their leader, Alpha, they plan to infect the entire planet with Viruses to create a new world order ruled by their master. Though they act from the shadows, a group of technological and mysterious individuals known as the Techno-Killers search for the Infected to cure them and prevent them from rising.





Other MembersEdit

  • Nebula - A monstrous creature who emerged after the Great Cataclysm. A brutal yet intelligent monster, Nebula wants to ensure the Guardians ends up on the hands of their leader, Alpha, to stablish a new world order.
  • Yakai - A samurai who wields a sharp sword and possesses a deadly precision. An introspective, quiet and calm individual, Yakai has a certain sense of honor and doesn't agrees with Alpha's point of view, but he sees himself obligated to serve the legion.
  • Phylia - A shapeshifting villainess who decided to live on her own after the Great Cataclysm, until Nebula found her and obligated her to join the Alpha. Vicious, cunning and cruel, Phylia once led a small group of shapshifting mutants and used them to steal money and grant her power.
  • The Gladiators - A team of teenagers who are serve as the antithesis of the Guardians. The team has four members.


  • The human members of the Alpha have manners that allow them to recognize each other, such as a special handshake that only they know.
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