Black Angel
Gender Male
Alias Black Angel
Ethan (real name)
Occupation One of the commanders of the Alpha
Age Adult
Relatives Unknown
Black Angel is a commander of a vertent of the Alpha cult. He, alongside with Dollmaker, are the main antagonists in the second installment of Guardians.


Early LifeEdit


After Dollmaker's defeat, Black Angel is summoned by her to take on the Guardians and stop them from ruining their plans.



Black Angel is a eccentric, cruel and perfectionist man who is seeking to "cure" the world from violence, war or anything that he considers malevolent. He is shown to be extremely rigid towards his allies and doesn't tolerates it when they fail, which sometimes cause him to conflict with Dollmaker's forgiving and docile nature. Energetic and violent, Black Angel fiercely fights with his foes and is willing to destroy anyone who stands in his way to purify the world. In few words, he is almost the opposite of Dollmaker.

Much like Dollmaker, Black Angel has a distorted vision of the world and thinks that the world has a disease that only him and his organization can cure.

He remains cool and calm during most of the time, but he gets easily angered if his plans goes wrong, which causes him to display a destructive and insane side. Besides, he also has shown a comedic side.

Deep down, Black Angel's perfectionist side collides with his deformities (his scars and prothestic arm), which he sees as a imperfection that causes him a deep hatred for himself.


Black Angel wears a white black plague mask, has shoulder-length white hair and wears a black cloak that covers his entire body. His left arm feature a mechanical forearm.

Underneath his mask, Black Angel has a scar on his left eye due to the accident.



"Don't you understand? I love you even with what you call by deformities. They don't make you ugly, they make you special and unique to my eyes. You're beautiful the way you are, my dear."

Black Angel and Dollmaker are both in love despite their differences.


Black Angel has a distant relationship with Madeline and usually is unresponsive towards her affection, as she considers him as a fatherly figure much like she considers a Dollmaker as a maternal figure.


  • While talking with Brian, Black Angel has confirmed that in his spare time he enjoys art and theater performances.
  • Originally, Black Angel was intended to be the main villain rather than Dollmaker.
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