Gender Male
Alias Keith
Occupation Student (formerly)
Leader of The Gladiators
Age 16 years old
Relatives Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Keith Strains, currently known as Darkavallier, is the leader of The Gladiators and one of Dollmaker's allies.


Early LifeEdit


In his first form, Darkavallier wore an techno-organic suit which mimicked the overall appearance of Knight. Naturally, as one of the Infeceted, he is stronger and more agile than an average individual. His armor was highly durable and both of his hands could shapeshift into an energy sword. These swords could also combine themselves to form a shield. Keith could also project armored parts on specific parts of his body, such as on the hands or feet.

After becoming a member of the Gladiators, the overall design of his armor changes to be sleeker and more technological armor to match that of Knight. He returns much stronger and is equipped with the same gear. A energy spear/sword that has energy leaking from its blade and when charged with dark energy can deal lots of damage. He once used it to cause a massive shockwave that moved away everything on his sight.


After being infected with Death, Keith initially refuses to use his powers to do evil, but after witnessing everything he could do and also that he could finally get his revenge against Knight, he accepts them. As the evil counterpart of Knight, Mewkavallier displays an animalistic and agressive behavior in battles, often easily overpowering Knight with ease. He knows that Brian in truth is Knight and uses this to toy with him, but deep down he refuses to tell anyone about it due to the fact that he still has some respect for his former friend.


Keith has blonde hair, pale skin, deep blue eyes and bags under his eyes.



Prior to becoming one of the Gladiators, Keith was one of Madeline's few friends and showed to have a lot of common with her, such as their troubled past or lack of friends. After she joins Dollmaker's army and meets Keith, their relationship get much closer and they start to develop romantic feelings for each other.



After Death's awakening, Keith was initially reluctant in having these powers and using them for evil, but after realizing that he could use them to get revenge on Knight, he embraces them.


  • Originally, Keith would be called "Daniel", then "Jack" and finally Keith.