Nebula, The Dark Titan
Gender Male
Alias Nebula
Dark Titan
Occupation Member of the Alpha
Age Adult
Relatives Unknown
Nebula, also known as Dark Titan, is the leader of a small team of supervillains and a member of the Alpha.


Early LifeEdit

Nebula's early life is completely unknown, but he formerly was a human named Harvey who was involved with the Great Cataclysm.


Nebula is a monstrous creature with a short and muscular body type. His head has a clear visor that features his deformed brain and is connected onto a blade-like segment on each side of his head that assists him to show the ambient around him and has spiky teeth. His shoulders, biceps and triceps, sides of his torso and groin have his muscles exposed, which often pulsates. His body is envolved by a grey segmented armor with spikes on his shoulders, arms and legs. He has segmented spikes from his shoulder to his back, forearms and thighs, which, alongside with his mouth, often leaks a red/blue energy when he goes on full power mode. He has spikes on his knees and the shape of his legs are similar to that of a dinousar. He has four clawed toes and four clawed fingers.


Nebula has superhuman conditions, being stronger, more durable and faster than an average individual. His hands are capable of shapeshifting into different kinds of weapons, such as blades, axes and others. Nebula's body is extremely elastic - ability that he uses to escape from his enemies or to latch onto them. He is blind creature and the blade-like segments on the sides of his head works as a radar to indentify the ambient or his prey. He also has segmented spikes on many parts of his body, which leak energy when he activates his full power mode. He also can switch back and forth to a human form to disguise himself. It is revelaed in "Into The Darkness Part One" that he has a secondary mutation that was accidentally triggered by Knight which is more primitive and ferocious than his regular form.